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Modular Titration System (MTS)

A unique new titration system designed for research and other applications where flexibility and a high degree of computer integration are needed.

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Consists of six primary components, each separate but linked together to form a complete, integrated system:

  1. Double burette system. Burettes available in sizes from 100µL to 5mL. Capable of accurately delivering 1/12,000 of burette volume.
  2. Motorized titration stand. Very convenient, but also effective at providing a nearly air-tight seal when in the titration position.
  3. pH/mV meter. Very high quality meter with versatile RS232 control.
  4. Power supply. Universal AC input supply can drive the basic system as well as two additional burettes (optional).
  5. Titration head. Solid 3/4 inch teflon with tapered holes for electrode, up to 4 delivery tubes and/or purge gas lines, and sample entry port.
  6. Stirring system. High torque vortex stirrer provides excellent mixing even in highly viscous liquids. Magnetic stirrer is an optional replacement.


Consists of one or more components, depending upon your needs. The primary software (included with the system), operates under Microsoft Windows® and defines the titration method, controls the titration hardware, and collects the data. Additional analysis software is available to perform sophisticated data analysis, depending upon requirements. We offer a pKa / logP analysis package for pharmaceutical applications (characterization of new compounds). Many other applications, both research and quality control oriented, can be accommodated via custom analysis software. Please contact us for more information.


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