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All of our software is either MS-DOS or MS-Windows based & runs on IBM compatible 80x86 systems.


GTS System for Mettler DL7X $2495.00

New general purpose software for use with Mettler
DL67, DL70, DL70ES and DL77 titrators featuring:

  • Microsoft Windows implementation for ease of use.
  • Data-Centric design: full relational database!
  • Remote control (requires DL70ES or above).
  • Auto storage of all titration data to database.
  • Convenient review & analysis of results, including the
    capability to reevaluate saved titration data!
  • Replot of titration data, including derivatives.
  • Comprehensive sample editor (Wt's., ID's, etc.).

GTS DL7X Data Module Only $1195.00

Included with the full GTS system listed above. Provides Windows-based data collection to ASCII files. May be upgraded to the full GTS system!

TS2 Version 3.1 $1995.00

Comprehensive Titration System Software for
Mettler DL21 or DL25 titrators. Includes:

  • Easy design & storage of titration methods.
  • Real time plots of data on-screen.
  • Storage of data to disk & easy retrieval.
  • Full remote control of titrator & autosampler.
  • Custom titration report generation.
  • PIF & ICO files included for use with Windows.

TS1 Version 3.1 $995.00

This is a subset of the TS² system. It includes all features of TS² except for remote control and method setup. May be upgraded to TS²!

STAT-25 $495.00

pH-Stat software for the DL21 or DL25 providing ASCII storage of all pH-Stat results & data to disk. May be upgraded to MSTAT-25!

MSTAT-25 $995.00

All features of the STAT-25 software plus:

  • Both linear & first-order kinetic modeling of data.
  • Result calculated as meq/min/mL.
  • Optional simultaneous input from up to 3 titrators.


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