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RS300 / RS144 / RS072 $27,500.00

High precision Robotic Autosamplers for use with Mettler's titrators or with the components listed below.
Specifications as follows:

  • RS300: 300 positions, 15mL samples
  • RS144: 144 positions, 50mL samples
  • RS072: 72 positions, 120mL samples

Add $7500 for double-arm model (allows simultaneous use of both arms for doubled sample throughput).

AS77 Automation Device $2950.00

Emulates the Mettler ST20 and the RS Autosamplers above to provide control of up to 6 powered devices. Also supports the DL7X "Sync" Function to provide control via the RS232 PC port. Unit can be switched between ST20 emulation and Sync modes. Up to 9 different ST20 addresses can be set. Please specify power supply needed as follows:

  • AS77-DC24: 24V DC, 3A max
  • AS77-DC12: 12V DC, 3A max
  • AS77-AC110: 110V AC, 3A max
  • AS77-AC220: 220V AC, 2A max

This device is highly useful for complex automation tasks involving titration or pH monitoring. It can be used to provide process control capabilities to all Mettler titrators and to the components listed below.

SE77 Automation Device $1495.00

Similar to the AS77 system above, but limited to control of two 24VDC devices in the ST20 emulation mode only (no Sync support). Up to 9 different ST20 addresses can be set.

PERIPUMP $395.00

High quality peristaltic pump for use with above devices. Includes quick-change head. Please specify flow rate needed and fluid to be pumped.

#21942 Cable $125.00

Splitter cable for use with TS2 software at left while simultaneously using an autosampler interfaced to the same serial port.


This revolutionary new concept brings the utility of MS Windows "objects" to the design of laboratory instruments. Using the components listed below (more to be added later), along with the MS windows interface software provided, the user can tailor a system precisely to his or her needs. For many research applications, no commercial instrument can be configured to provide a satisfactory solution. But with these basic system components under the user's complete control via Microsoft Windows software, nearly any imaginable combination of control and analysis functions can be efficiently assembled and executed. Tell us what you need in the way of titration, precision dispensing, or pH/mV monitoring and control and we will quote you a custom solution based on these precision components. Or, buy the components along with the included interface software and design your own system!

BU10 $1995.00

High precision, high resolution "smart" burette system. 24,000 increment stepper motor system permits extreme precision and accuracy. Included Windows software permits easy integration and control when used within the Windows environment. Burette syringe is easily replaced and comes in sizes ranging from 50uL to 25mL (please specify size when ordering).

BU10P $1995.00

High precision, high resolution "smart" burette system. Similar to the BU10 but half the size!. Burette syringe is easily replaced and comes in sizes ranging from 50uL to 5mL (please specify size when ordering).

ME10 $1995.00

High resolution, high impedance "smart" pH/mV meter. Capable of 10V resolution over the range -1600mV to 1600mV. Input impedance > 1012 ohms. Microprocessor control designed for use with the included Windows interface software. pH calibration and calculation via the included Windows software. Opens incredible system design possibilities!

CL10 $995.00

4-20mA Contoller for control of peristaltic pumps and other devices capable of 4-20mA control. This controller integrates into the system to allow operation of a wide range of devices via the Windows software provided. We offer a wide range of pumps for use with the CL10 -- please tell us what you need!

IO24 $1495.00

I/O Contoller. Provides 24 optically isolated I/O lines each configurable with:

  • Solid state power output modules to control external devices (modules included, please specify type).
  • Solid state voltage input modules for detection of remote signals (modules included, please specify type).
  • TTL input or output lines.

This controller integrates into the system to allow operation of a wide range of devices via the Windows software provided.

VA06 $995.00

High resolution, highly reliable "smart" 6-way valve. Stepper motor driven system designed for use with the BU10 burette system. Permits great flexibility in precision liquid handling system design!

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